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The following individuals were recognized by the Neurology Section at the Combined Sections Meeting in New Orleans, LA, February 2011.


Service to the Section Award

Cindy Zablotny, PT, DPT, MS, NCS


Dr Cindy Zablotny has a long history of volunteering her time and expertise to support Neurology Section activities and contributing to the advancement of neurologic physical therapy practice since 1997. She has been a member on several standard setting panels and an item writer for the neurology specialty examination. Recently, she has contributed to implementation of one of the Neurology Section's advanced continuing education courses, Neurologic Practice Essentials: Clinical Decision Making as a Foundation for Expert Practice, and currently, she serves as chair of the Neurologic Specialty Committee for the Neurology Section. Not only does Cindy serve tirelessly, but she also welcomes contributions of others. To quote her nominators: "Cindy welcomes newcomers to the committee, making each feel valued at initial contact. She respectfully listens to and acts on each person's suggestions and feedback, and encourages participation. Her servant-leader qualities are a significant asset to our Section."


Clinical Excellence in Neurology Award

Mike Studer, PT, MHS, NCS


The recipient of the Clinical Excellence in Neurology Award is Mike Studer. Mike is described as the very essence of clinical excellence in all aspects of his career. He is a consummate professional who always has the welfare of his patients as his top priority. He has also provided valuable contributions to the field of physical therapy through his service within physical therapy as well as dissemination of his clinical expertise to those around him. To quote from his nominators: "Mike has had a profound influence on thousands of students, teachers, patients, and colleagues in the field of neurology." "I remember the light bulb coming on after listening to him speak on motor learning. It was presented in such a way that I had the tools needed to quickly apply the principle and theory that was research based." And, "Every day is a pleasure working with Mike in the clinic. I enjoy his enthusiasm and his goal for excellence."


Mike shares his clinical excellence unstintingly, including continuing education courses in 27 states, mentoring students and colleagues, all while managing his own clinic, Northwest Rehabilitation Associates, which he initiated in 2004."


Clinical Excellence in Education Award

Anne Kloos, PT, PhD, NCS


Dr Anne Kloos is a passionate and dedicated clinician and educator. She is associate professor of clinical allied medicine at The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Currently, she serves as a consultant at 3 local and university clinics, including a movement disorders clinic, an MS clinic, and the Physicians Free clinic in Columbus, Ohio. Anne is recognized as an exemplary educator, someone who consistently receives the highest student evaluations for her enthusiasm and eagerness for teaching. One of her nominators wrote, "What I noted most, though was the kindness that Dr. Kloos exhibited when working with people whose lives had forever been changed." Another stated, "For Anne-being a teacher can only be accomplished by staying in the clinic." And yet another stated, "Dr. Kloos is passionate about physical therapy, neurology and teaching. She is caring, amicable, and incredibly smart. [horizontal ellipsis] She thrives in many roles as an educator and researcher and it is truly a privilege to have learned so much from her."


Excellence in Neurologic Research Award

Janis Daly, PT, PhD


Janis Daly is recognized as an outstanding researcher not only by other physical therapists but also by engineers, basic scientists, and physicians in the fields of neuroscience and neurorehabilitation. Her early clinical experiences stimulated her to further her education and build a research career. In 1991, Janis was awarded her first VA grant and has not looked back since. Over the past 2 decades, she has been a principal investigator, coprincipal investigator, or coinvestigator on countless federal projects related to neurologic physical therapy. Her research has centered around questions of how to restore function and participation to people with stroke, including investigations related to response of paralyzed muscle to electrical stimulation, and the implications for improving gait and upper extremity movement control. She has had a continuous record of funding and more than 35 high-quality publications for 2 decades. Janis is currently a Senior VA scientist, a full professor at Case Western Reserve University, and the director of the Cognitive and Motor Learning Laboratory. She has recently been awarded a National Institutes of Health EUREKA award (for highly innovative, cutting-edge science) for her work related to using brain-machine interfaces to restore upper extremity function post stroke.