1. Pearce, Linda MEd, RN, C, BSN

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Home Telehealthcare: Process, Policy and Procedures Audrey Kinsella, Information for Tomorrow, 4121 Warner Street, Kensington, MD 20895.148 pp. $125., (301)581-0090. Available as an e-book download. ISBN: 0-9657-674-6-9.



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The author clearly and succinctly informs readers how to plan and implement telehealthcare to advance home health services. Chapter 1 describes telehealthcare, and offers basic details for initiating telehealthcare home care services. National and individual agency guidelines, and policy requirements for telehealth implementation are included in chapters 2 and 3. Chapter 4 describes outcome measures for determining the successes in the use of telehealthcare, while chapter 5 discusses telehealth's advances and potential for growth.


Appendix 1 uses an annotated bibliography format to describe success stories using telehealthcare to deliver and improve care for heart failure, diabetes, pediatric patients, and wound care throughout the United States. Sample policies and forms are included to facilitate telehealthcare implementation. The book provides need-to-know information about the emerging telehealthcare field saving an organization time and money by providing descriptions of how organizations can use telehealth to improve home health delivery.


With current professional staff shortages, the shrinking economy, regulatory constraints, and changing demographics including aging Baby Boomers and ethnic diversity, all healthcare is being forced to shift from traditional ways of providing care. Over the next 10 years telemedicine is expected to grow significantly. Home Telehealthcare: Process, Policy and Procedures is a resource guide to facilitate home care agencies effective, safe move into telehealthcare.