1. Meisner, Brad A. PhD
  2. Linton, Vanessa BSc
  3. Seguin, Ariane BA
  4. Spassiani, Natasha A. PhD


Purpose: With high levels of chronic disease and pain-related functional impairment and low levels of physical activity (PA) among middle-aged and older adults, it is important to investigate ways to design age- and health condition-appropriate PA interventions.


Methods: Using Canadian Community Health Survey data, relationships among chronic disease, pain-related functional impairment, covariates, and PA were examined in mid- (40-59 y; n = 36 288) and later- (60 y+, n = 44 890) life.


Results/Conclusions: Physical activity levels varied between middle-aged and older groups according to chronic disease and pain-related functional impairment status. Results are useful for developing targeted and tailored PA interventions to support the health of current and future populations.