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Post-Op Pain

Years ago, to the OR with enlarging nodes.


A shaky signature; relinquishing control.


Pathology sent us chasing horses gone from the barn.


Shock and fear overshadowed post-op pain.


Surgery merely a prelude to my loss-laden journey.


Now, to the OR with a deleterious gene.


A confident Hancock; seizing the reins.


Pathology confirms no foals, let alone runaways.


Predictable post-op pain defines the brief ride.


Surgery a brief interlude, this loss a gift for all my tomorrows.


- Wendy S. Harpham, MD, FACP


A Flight Beyond the Darkness of the Night

Hope and fear are marching side by side in my mind in this dark, long night.


All is about what I shall face tomorrow in the day light.


The harsh fear does not let my mind to define what is wrong, what is right


Keep asking myself: Am I winning this fight?


Is my ultimate triumph on "cancer" in sight?


Shall I be rewarded after all prayers to Lord, my heavenly eternal spiritual MIGHT?


I did do whatever was asked me to do


By my angelic doctors and nursing crew.


Tomorrow morning, when the sun is shining bright


In my "war on cancer," I wish to be called a victorious medieval knight.


In distant frontiers of my mind


Where endless imaginations are tenderly kind


Where unconditional love for life, as a prerequisite for healing


And living with comfort and dignity have a special meaning


I portrait myself to be the luckiest creature on Earth


Just like a Phoenix, walking out of ashes after a new birth.


Tomorrow, when the peace ultimately returns home to me


Resembling after a dark, stormy night, the soothing breeze comforting the sea


Although still I am surrounded by the fear


My healing hope reminds me that better days are near


It should happen all tomorrow, on that memorable day


My wishes would come true as the symphonic voice of my doctor would say:


"I do not see any signs of cancer on your chest x-ray!"


I shall be elated more than ever then for others like me I shall continue to pray


May be one day the cancer-free world for all, at last, should not be too far away!


-Ali Khojasteh, MD, FACP