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Collaboration, Collaborative Leadership, Nursing Education, Organizational Change, Seamless Academic Progression



  1. Gubrud, Paula
  2. Spencer, Angela G.
  3. Wagner, Linda


AIM: This article describes progress the Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education has made toward addressing the academic progression goals provided by the 2011 Institute of Medicine's Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health report.


BACKGROUND: The history of the consortium's development is described, emphasizing the creation of an efficient and sustainable organization infrastructure that supports a shared curriculum provided through a community college/university partnership.


METHOD: Data and analysis describing progress and challenges related to supporting a shared curriculum and increasing access and affordability for nursing education across the state are presented.


RESULTS: We identified four crucial attributes of maintaining collaborative community that have been cultivated to assure the consortium continues to make progress toward reaching the Institute of Medicine's Future of Nursing goals.


CONCLUSION: Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education provides important lessons learned for other statewide consortiums to consider when developing plans for sustainability.