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Academic Practice Partnerships, Education Transformation, Nursing Education, Seamless Academic Progression



  1. Sroczynski, Maureen
  2. Close, Liz
  3. Gorski, Mary Sue
  4. Farmer, Pat
  5. Wortock, Jean


AIM: This article describes the Competency Model (CM) as a promising curriculum framework to foster academic progression from the associate to the baccalaureate degree in nursing.


BACKGROUND: The CM was identified by the Center to Champion Nursing in America as one of four seamless nursing academic progression models to streamline nursing academic progression. It is built on a foundation of authentic collaboration between education and practice partners to develop and maintain explicit, current, practice-relevant nursing education outcomes.


METHOD: Salient features and exemplars were collected from a convenience sample of education practice partnerships across the country that have implemented the CM.


RESULTS: Characteristics, trends, and variations in the CM from different state, regional, and local approaches are described and contrasted.


CONCLUSION: A comparison of varied approaches in CM design and implementation demonstrates its versatility to support seamless academic progression and fortify education and practice collaboration.