Academic Progression, Articulation Agreements, Health Care Delivery, Leadership, Nursing Education, Nursing Research



  1. Reid, Helen
  2. Tart, Kathryn
  3. Tietze, Mari
  4. Joseph, Nitha Mathew
  5. Easley, Carson


BACKGROUND: The Institute of Medicine (IOM) Future of Nursing report, identified eight recommendations for nursing to improve health care for all Americans.


AIM: The Texas Team for Advancing Health Through Nursing embraced the challenge of implementing the recommendations through two diverse projects.


METHOD: One group conducted a broad, online survey of leadership, practice, and academia, focusing on the IOM recommendations. The other focused specifically on academic progression through the use of CABNET (Consortium for Advancing Baccalaureate Nursing Education in Texas) articulation agreements.


RESULTS: The survey revealed a lack of knowledge and understanding of the IOM recommendations, prompting development of an online IOM toolkit. The articulation agreements provide a clear pathway for students to the RN-to-BSN degree students.


CONCLUSION: The toolkit and articulation agreements provide rich resources for implementation of the IOM recommendations.