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Agency Partnerships, Curriculum Education Strategies, Innovation, Nursing School, Nursing Workforce



  1. Graziano, Judith A.
  2. Uppman, Faye
  3. Anderson, Katherine
  4. Johnson, Lynn
  5. Frosch-Erickson, Susan
  6. Hill, Doris
  7. Eccles, Jennifer
  8. Beasley, Laura
  9. Kohler, Sandra


AIM: The purpose of this article is to inform nurse educators of an innovative and transformative approach to advancing nursing education through the creation of the Minnesota Alliance for Nursing Education (MANE).


BACKGROUND: MANE was formed to answer national appeals to transform nursing education and demands by health care organizations for a more highly educated nursing workforce.


METHOD: An action plan was developed with the Minnesota Action Coalition to create a dual admission community college and university eight-semester baccalaureate curriculum that students could complete seamlessly in four years.


RESULTS: Admissions to the program have been robust, matriculation rates to upper division course work have exceeded initial goals, and diversity of students is increasing.


CONCLUSION: Measures to date show that MANE is a viable and successful program that is surpassing its initial goals.