doctor of nursing practice program, doctor of nursing practice project, doctoral nursing education, graduate nursing program



  1. Fitzgerald, Cynthia PhD, RN
  2. Purath, Janet PhD, ARNP
  3. Van Son, Catherine PhD, RN
  4. Duvall, Darryl DNP, CRNA, ARNP
  5. Eddy, Linda PhD, ARNP


We describe a course-based approach to the doctor of nursing practice project in which students work in groups of 8 to 12 with a faculty member to complete individual final projects that require a minimum of 360 practicum hours in 3-semester-long courses. Project teams include agency or community-based mentors. Project findings are disseminated through written and oral reports. This approach preserves faculty resources and provides students with mentoring, opportunities for reflection, and time for project development.