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Gaymar Industries, Inc

*PurGel Universal Table Pads and Accessories. Adding to its PurGel line of operating room positioning devices, Gaymar has introduced these new products: a table pad; a three-quarter table pad with cutout; head, torso, and foot sections; arm boards; and knee crunch protection devices. Like all PurGel products, the pads are well-suited for long procedures and help prevent subcutaneous tissue damage by reducing pressure that restricts blood flow to a patient's bony prominences during surgery.


*top*gard Mattress Replacements. These low-cost pressure reduction mattress replacements feature multilayer foam construction and are reversible to provide longer life. They are available in 4 series, all of which utilize hypoallergenic foams with fluid-resistant top covers to fit over hospital beds. The top*gard 3000 Series utilizes 4 types of highly resilient foam and a Viscolux waffle foam topper that conforms to the contours of the body. With its advanced 3-layer foam construction, the top*gard 2000 Series features a waffle design for added pressure reduction. The top*gard 1000 Series uses high-lofted, convoluted foam and the top*gard 500 Series has a comfortable foam topper and zipperless cover. The 3000, 2000, and 1000 series are backed by a 5-year warranty. The 500 series is backed by a 1-year warranty.


[black up pointing small triangle]Information: 1-800-828-7341;


Span-America Medical Systems, Inc

*PressureGuard Easy Air. This low-air-loss mattress system features a patent-pending air diffusion matrix design for an uninterrupted stream of air beneath the user and for a surface that feels neither too hot nor too cool. Its patented, multicomponent safety edge will not collapse under the user's weight, making transfers safer and ensuring regulatory compliance by eliminating gaps beneath side rails. An interlocking foam shell and antishearing Geo-Matt top surface also adds stability. The mattress system remains inflated in the event of a power interruption.


Available in 4 standard sizes, the mattress system supports users weighing up to 350 pounds and is covered by a 2-year nonprorated warranty.


*Equalizer. This contoured positioning cushion's multicomponent construction features a viscoelastic memory foam top, a contoured foundation layer for proper positioning of the legs, and a soft relief zone for bony prominences. Three zones of a proprietary, gel-like soft polymer provide added pressure dispersion under the thighs, greater trochanters, and ischial region. The cushion's moisture-resistant cover has a nylon bottom with a 2-way stretch fabric top and a front carry handle. Available in 4 standard sizes with an average weight of 4 pounds.


The Equalizer is recognized for reimbursement under Medicare code E0192


[black up pointing small triangle]Information: 1-800-888-6752; E-mail: [email protected]; Web site:



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