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Sage Products

Comfort Clean & Shield Perineal Care Washcloths. These unique washcloths bundle 2 products together for convenient yet thorough cleansing, moisturizing, deodorizing, and barrier protection. Comfort Clean & Shield Perineal Care Washcloths contain exopheryl to help eliminate odors and 3% dimethicone and 6% microfine zinc oxide for effective, dual barrier protection. Because it has smaller particles than standard zinc barriers, microfine zinc oxide can be applied with greater ease and efficiency. Combined with dimethicone, this virtually transparent barrier makes future skin assessment easier without removal. The washcloths are premoistened and disposable, helping to reduce the potential for skin tears caused by abrasive scrubbing with reusable washcloths. They may be used at room temperature or warmed for increased patient comfort.


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Regent Medical

HIBISTAT. This germicidal hand rinse offers a waterless alternative to liquid soap when routine hand washing is not possible. With its combination of 70% isopropyl alcohol and 0.5% chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) formula, HIBISTAT provides rapid bactericidal action when hands are physically clean but in need of degerming. The alcohol and CHG formula provides immediate and persistent activity to reduce the chance of cross-infection of patients. HIBISTAT is designed for repeated use, providing quick-drying, long-lasting antimicrobial activity that is gentle and nonirritating to hands.


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Huntleigh Healthcare, Inc

Contoura Bariatric Suites. Featuring a powered patient lift, bariatric wheelchair, and Contoura 1080 bariatric frame with a capacity of 1000 lbs and built-in scale, the Contoura Bariatric Suites assist health care practitioners in providing care for their bariatric patients. Three versions of the suites are offered: Standard, Deluxe, and Power. The Deluxe Suite includes a commode and walker, and the Power Suite adds a DFS 3 alternating mattress replacement with a 550-lb capacity. Available in selected states through Huntleigh Direct rental centers.


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