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palliative care, transitional care, transitional palliative care



  1. Butcon, Jesson V. PhD, RN
  2. Chan, Engle Angela PhD, RN


This article synthesizes literature for better understanding of the concept of transitional palliative care (TPC) within the context of older people moving from hospital to the community with life-limiting conditions and palliative care needs. The constructs gleaned from the synthesis connote that transitional care is more than only an act of transfer as older adults experience multiple transitions in our health care environment. It is a process of adjustment and adaptation for older adults to accommodate the changes as a result of the illness experience. The transition from cure to palliative care is one of the ongoing tensions because our health care system favors goals directed toward cure instead of comfort. The concept of a shift to palliation is also not enabled in a structure that a "one-size-fits-all" notion applies. The authors argue that current forms of TPC ignore influences of multifaceted health and social factors, which impact choices of older persons and their families.