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Advanced Access Scheduling, Access to Dermatology Care, Dermatology Nurse, Open Access Scheduling, Same-Day Service, Urgent Dermatology Care, Walk-in Clinic



  1. Gardner, Kenzie A.
  2. Westrom, Dale R.


ABSTRACT: Access to adequate and timely dermatology care, especially for an acute chief complaint (changing lesion, painful rash, etc.), is an ongoing problem for patients. A same-day service model (same-day appointments, walk-in clinic, "advanced access scheduling," or "open access scheduling") can be implemented to increase the supply of dermatology care with demand. Limited evidence exists on how to successfully establish a same-day service, such as a walk-in clinic, in a traditional dermatology practice. This article will discuss the establishment of a walk-in clinic in a dermatology practice in Northern California and will also review the associated advantages and challenges of providing a walk-in clinic. It will also identify the important role of nurses and nurse practitioners in the dermatology walk-in clinic. It is our hope that the information in this article will support the future establishment of dermatology walk-in clinics to better serve dermatology patients with acute skin problems.