1. Hickey, Rosa G. MSN, RN, NEA-BC
  2. Buchko, Barbara L. DNP, RNC-MNN
  3. Coe, Paula F. DNP, RN, NEA-BC
  4. Woods, Anne B. PhD, MPH, RN


OBJECTIVE: This replication study examined differences in RN perception of the professional practice environment (PPE) between salary- and hourly-wage compensation models over time.


BACKGROUND: A previous study demonstrated that nurses in a salary-wage model had a significantly higher perception of the PPE compared with their peers receiving hourly wages.


METHODS: A descriptive, comparative design was used to examine the Revised Professional Practice Environment (RPPE) scale of nurses in the same units surveyed in the previous study 2 years later.


RESULTS: Mean scores on the RPPE continued to be significantly lower for hourly-wage RNs compared with the RNs in the salary-wage model.


CONCLUSIONS: Nurses in an hourly-wage unit have significantly lower perceptions of the clinical practice environment than their peers in a salary-wage unit, indicating that professional practice perceptions in a salary-wage unit were sustained for a 2-year period and may provide a more effective PPE.