1. Porche, Demetrius J. DNS, APRN, CS, FNP,Reviewer

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Phlebotomy for Nurses and Nursing Personnel


By Dennis J. Ernst, MT (ASCP), and Catherine Ernst, RN. 182 pp. Ramsey, Ind; 2001. $29.95. ISBN: 0-9700588-9-6.


Phlebotomy for Nurses and Nursing Personnel focuses on the techniques and principles of phlebotomy, with an emphasis on the protection of nurses and nursing personnel during the phlebotomy procedure. The purpose of the text is to present phlebotomy procedures that when properly employed, protect the nurse and patient from injury. This is a good text for the novice nurse or nursing personnel assistant who is beginning the practice of phlebotomy.


The authors of Phlebotomy for Nurses and Nursing Personnel present the book in 8 chapters: phlebotomy as a nursing procedure-managing the risk; site selection and equipment; the venipuncture; alternative sites, blood culture collections, phlebotomy liability; capillary punctures, pediatric venipunctures; specimen handling and storage; managing exposures to blood-borne pathogens; and practices and procedures for exposure prevention. There are 8 reference appendixes: the effects of pre-analytical errors on specimen results; phelebotomy resources; listed products and their manufacturers; educational resources; phlebotomy-related Web sites; phelebotomy certification organizations; the "ten commandments of phlebotomy"; and bibliography.


Case studies are presented throughout the book. Phlebotomy techniques are well illustrated. The book is simply written, with significant content to phlebotomy; however, some terminology and content is dated, such as references to Universal Precautions rather than Standard Precautions. This book may be of some use for the graduate student or CNS/APN who has not performed phlebotomy for some time and needs a quick review; it also may be considered as resource for undergraduate students.