1. Donnelly, Gloria F. PhD, RN, FAAN

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Holistic Nursing Practice began its 22-year history under the title Topics in Clinical Nursing (TCN). One of a series of nursing journals launched by Aspen Publishers in the late 1970s, each issue of TCN was built around a single topic, with most authors invited to write because of their expertise in the field. From the beginning, the journal was refereed, with a national editorial board conducting blind review of all articles. With a sleek clinical look in green, white, and black, the first issue of TCN was published in April 1979. Its look clashed a bit with the first theme, "Stress Management." There is no doubt that from its inception, Topics in Clinical Nursing was holistic in its philosophy, approach, and content.


By 1986, we knew that the journal needed a name and look that better fit its philosophy and content. In November 1986, Volume 1, Number 1 of Holistic Nursing Practice was published with softer colors and the yin-yang symbol on the cover exemplifying the notions of complementarity and dynamic balance so important in the practice of holistic nursing care. "Sacred Cows in Nursing" was the theme of the first issue of HNP. "Sacred Cows" remains one of my favorite issues because of its controversial titles and provocative writing style. The journal continued the practice of themes, guest editors, and invited authors, although as the years progressed the number of high-quality uninvited articles submitted increased.


Changes in health care demographics and delivery and nursing practice are dictating that HNP revise its format. We need to focus HNP more acutely on cultural health practices because of the rapid diversification of society and the prominence of global health issues. We also need to focus more specifically on chronic illness, the use of alternative and complementary therapies, and care of the aging. Finally, because practicing nurses, researchers, and educators are submitting an increasing number of excellent articles on a wide variety of timely issues and practices, we need to accommodate their work. With this issue of Holistic Nursing Practice, the following changes are in effect.


* HNP will continue to be thematic but in a limited way. Only four to five articles will be devoted to a single theme, with an expert guest editor to guide the selection of articles.


* Because of the emerging importance of culture and health, Dr. Rozzano Locsin, Associate Professor at Florida Atlantic University, will regularly contribute to a new feature known as "The Culture Corner." Dr. Locsin, currently a Fulbright Scholar and an expert in international health issues will begin his regular contribution with this issue. He has also guided the selection of articles for this issue's theme.


* In future issues, the guest editor will contribute a brief review on issues relevant to the theme.


* HNP will select the best from all articles submitted to complete each issue. We invite readers to submit articles on any topic that exemplifies a holistic approach to care, research, or education.



Finally, we hope to communicate more frequently with our readers through e-mail to facilitate the journal's continued evolution. We intend to introduce change at a faster pace to match the overwhelming changes in the health care system. Think of Holistic Nursing Practice as your vehicle to share knowledge and expertise for the purpose of improving nursing practice. Please send me your comments, ideas, and, of course, your articles. I look forward to hearing from you!!