1. Neville, Kathleen PhD, RN
  2. Velmer, Gillian MA, CCC-SLP
  3. Brown, Shari MSN, RN
  4. Robol, Nancy MSN, RN-BC, NJCSN


OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study is to explore the relationship of night-shift napping on fatigue.


BACKGROUND: Nurses' fatigue, especially at night, interferes with quality of life and job performance and impacts safety and health.


METHODS: Night-shift nurses completed the Brief Fatigue Inventory and a demographic information sheet to determine differences in fatigue between nurses who napped during their night shift as compared with nurses who did not nap.


RESULTS: No statistically significant differences in global fatigue were found; differences in rotating shift, age, and, gender were identified. Rotating shifts, a 2nd job, and caring for family predicted fatigue.


CONCLUSIONS: Based on this pilot study, further investigations of fatigue among night-shift nurses are needed as well as evidence-based support to promote sleep.