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  1. Campbell-Yeo, Marsha PhD, NNP-BC, RN
  2. Dol, Justine MSc
  3. Disher, Timothy BScN, RN
  4. Benoit, Britney MScN
  5. Chambers, Christine T. PhD
  6. Sheffield, Kaitlyn BScN, RN
  7. Boates, Talia BScN, RN
  8. Harrison, Denise PhD, RN
  9. Hewitt, Brenda MN, NP, RN
  10. Jangaard, Krista MD
  11. Stinson, Jennifer PhD, RN-EC, CPNP
  12. Taddio, Anna PhD
  13. Parker, Jennifer A. PhD
  14. Caddell, Kim BScN


Despite strong evidence that skin-to-skin contact and breast-feeding are effective pain-relieving interventions for infants undergoing painful procedures, they remain underutilized in clinical practice. Given the important contribution of parents, there is a need to find innovative ways to assist parents to become actively involved in their infant's care. We developed a YouTube video to disseminate evidence-based information on the effectiveness of skin-to-skin contact and breast-feeding for infant pain management. The 2-minute 39-second video launched on December 2, 2014, and was promoted through Web-based and in-person communication and YouTube advertisements. Data were collected using YouTube analytics and an online survey. Post-18 months from its launch, the video had a reach of 157 938 views from 154 countries, with most viewers watching an average of 73% of the video (1 minute 56 seconds). Parents (n = 32) and healthcare providers (n = 170) completed the survey. Overall, both reported that they liked the video, found it helpful, felt more confident, and were more likely to use skin-to-skin contact (16% and 12%) and breast-feeding (3% and 11%), respectively, during future painful procedures. Despite the high-viewing patterns, alternative methods should be considered to better evaluate the impact on practice change.