1. Mitcho, Karen RN, MSN, CCRN
  2. Yanko, Janette R. RN, MN, CNRN

Article Content

Spinal cord injury is a life-altering event that not only affects the injured person, both physically and emotionally, but also that person's family and friends. The scope of this issue of Critical Care Nursing Quarterly (CCNQ 22:2) encompasses anatomy and pathophysiology, mechanism of injury, prehospital and acute care management, and pharmacological interventions for the spinal cord injured person as well as the specific needs of those with sports-related injuries and the pediatric and geriatric spinal cord injured individuals. Current and future research that will impact on the direction of medical management of these patients will also be addressed. Each article focuses on one or a few particular issues related to the care of the spinal cord injured individual; however, all of these topics must be incorporated into the entire team's knowledge base and integrated into one multidisciplinary plan of care. The multidisciplinary approach provides for an efficient and effective transition through the acute care experience, which is only the first phase of a life-long journey.


We dedicate this issue to all of our spinal cord injured patients, past and future. And may you, the caregiver, possess and share the knowledge, skills and compassion to support your patients, build a trusting relationship with them and safely guide them through the acute care phase of their journey towards a productive and satisfying life.