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  1. Rodacki, Andre Luiz Felix PhD
  2. Cepeda, Christina Paramustchak Cruz PhD
  3. Lodovico, Angelica PhD
  4. Ugrinowitsch, Carlos PhD


This study investigated the effect of an 8-week dance-based program on the postural control and functional capacity in older women. Thirty women were assigned onto 2 groups: ballroom dancing (DG: n = 15; 69.1 +/- 6.6 years) and control group (CG: n = 15; 71.5 +/- 7.5 years). The DG improved functional performance (6-minute walk, the Tinetti test, and the Time Up and Go tests), static balance (center of pressure path length, mean sway velocity, median frequency sway area), and dynamic balance (step test) (P < .05), whereas the CG remained unaltered. Dance-based programs are attractive to produce balance and functional performance gains in older adults.