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  1. Jones, Jill MD
  2. Meek, Lucas MD
  3. Best, Shaun MD
  4. McCann, Amy MD
  5. Welsh, Brandon MD
  6. Hill, Jacqueline MPH
  7. Ash, Ryan MD


The goal of this study was to determine the best method for localizing peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs) in postplacement portable chest radiographs. A retrospective analysis showed no significant difference in visualization of the PICC tip between different chest radiograph projections. Modifications were made to an institutional PICC protocol to obtain anteroposterior chest views with the guidewire present only. Repeat analysis demonstrated statistically significant increases in the frequency of anteroposterior radiographs performed, the number of chest radiographs with guidewire, and the localization of the catheter. By standardizing the acquisition of PICC placement chest radiographs, fewer variant projection radiographs were performed and the catheter tip was confidently localized in more examinations.