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  1. Connell, Amy Coyle RN, BSN


Purpose of this study was to identify whether children aged 12-14 years benefit from academic reentry plans when returning to school following a mild traumatic brain injury. An integrative review was carried out with data sourced from CINAHL, Medline, Education Full Text, Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition, and hand searching of references. Abstracts were reviewed for inclusion/exclusion criteria, resulting with six articles appraised and analyzed for this article. The review shows the need for gradual return to physical and cognitive activity postconcussion to facilitate a quicker recovery with fewer postconcussive symptoms. Although each traumatic brain injury case is individualized with symptoms and severity, a guideline of recommendations and accommodations for return to cognitive activity would be beneficial for the student, educator, family, and medical personnel involved in the children's care. Further research is recommended to develop a better understanding of long-term effects mild traumatic brain injury has on children and recommendations of how to minimalize or accommodate these changes.