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Via and Via Elite. These recently unveiled state-of-the-art pneumatic compression therapy devices are indicated for healing nonhealing chronic wounds, preventing deep vein thrombosis, treating venous insufficiency, and controlling lymphedema. With a lightweight design and on-screen controls, the devices have been redesigned for convenience and patient efficacy, with features such as custom setting options and a built-in compliance monitor.


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Eclypse Boot Super Absorbent Dressing. Joining Dukal's other super absorbent dressing options, the Eclypse Boot is a leg wrap dressing designed to help manage excess fluid in the lower limbs associated with edema. The single-dressing design has 12 interconnected compartments to optimize absorbency and prevent maceration. Available in 3 sizes (small, large, and extra large), the dressing is easy to apply and according to the manufacturer can reduce dressing application time, change frequency, and significantly improve patient mobility.


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Axolotl Biologix

AxoBioFluid Ambient. Axolotl Biologix has recently introduced its third allograft product. AxoBioFluid A is a room-temperature, minimally manipulated acellular liquid designed as an alternative to the company's existing cryopreserved AxoBioFluid. Derived from the amniotic layer of the placenta, the fluid is supposed to have therapeutic benefit when used as a treatment for injury, inflammatory conditions, or degenerative conditions such as wounds, fasciitis, or osteoarthritis. Currently, the fluid is available in 4 sizes.


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