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* In "Tips for Nurses to Counter Workplace Negativity," AJN clinical editor Betsy Todd relays insights from a speech she attended at the annual Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses convention (


* "Even in a unit where we constantly express gratitude for a strong sense of teamwork, my colleagues and I still struggle to help each other through the deeper experiences of grief and trauma," writes pediatric intensive care nurse Hui-Wen (Alina) Sato in her post "Learning New Skills of Supporting One Another as Nurses" (


* In "High Opioid Overdose Numbers Spur State, City Initiatives," we report on the latest steps being taken to combat the opioid crisis (



"I've seen many patients [with mental illness] discharged into unknown circumstances while wishing I could have provided more options for them. Often families are exhausted and at a loss for how to help their loved ones." "We've always dealt [with] linen shortages-I can remember having state-of-the-art blood gas kits in the ICU but 'No washcloths until Monday.'" "I agree that we need to acknowledge gun violence as a particular threat to the health of this nation in comparison to other nations. As health professionals, we need to advocate for disciplined research[horizontal ellipsis]. We are sadly lacking in evidence to support policy decisions." "Working in a Magnet hospital, it is often difficult to tell whether this status is for the nurses and the patients, or for marketing."




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