1. Gerard, Peggy DNSc, RN

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Thank you for your interest in the directory of CNS programs. We compiled the directory in conjunction with a national survey of CNS programs conducted in 2000 and specifically asked programs if they would like to be included in a directory of CNS programs. We attempted to be as inclusive as possible and contacted all accredited master's programs in nursing during this survey. Last spring, we also contacted the universities that had indicated they had a CNS program to inquire one more time if they would like to be included in the directory. At the advice of the NACNS board, we did not include blended NP/CNS programs in our directory. If existing programs were not listed in the directory, either they did not respond to the survey, did not have a CNS program at the time of the survey, or chose not to have their program listed. We did receive several responses indicating schools did not wish to be listed in the directory. At the time we conducted the survey, many master's programs had closed their CNS programs. Currently, the tide is turning and many universities are now reopening or creating CNS programs.