1. Wright, Kathleen D. RNC, MS, CWOCN

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Core Skills for Nurse Practitioners


Edited by Diane Palmer and Surrinder Kaur. Philadelphia, Pa: Whurr Publishers, 2003. ISBN 1-86156-275-6. 223 pages.


The role of the advanced practice nurse continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of the health care consumer. While this book's title may lead one to think that only the scope of the Nurse Practitioner is addressed, this book provides perspectives on the core competencies and issues that impact all nurses in expanded clinical roles. Clinical applications of chapter topics are covered by the authors in chapters such as Leadership, Change Management, Evidenced-Based Care and Research. Additional aspects of practice discussed include the professional judgement and clinical decision making, legal position on nurses in clinical practice, reflection on practice and portfolio development, closing with a chapter on lifelong learning.


The writing styles of each author vary, making the text an interesting yet easy-to-read collection. Chapters include extensive reference lists, along with recommendations for further reading. The detailed topical index facilitates finding specific topics of interest. While written from the perspectives of the British health care system, the topics of discussion are of interest to advanced practice nurses internationally.