1. Miracle, Doris Jean LPN (Rtd)

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Now it's wintertime again


And everyone's afraid.


The awful deadly virus


Is about to make its raid.


People almost panic


Must NOT touch this or that.


Can't see the little devils-


Can't tell where they are at!


Don't get too close to anyone-


Who has a sniff or sneeze.


Keep away! Don't cough on me!


There's a virus in the breeze.


They are lurking on the table


They are lounging on the floor.


Are they dancing on my apple pie?


Are they on the handle of my door?


Do you panic over a virus?


And everything else too!


Just because you've always thought


They are waiting there for you.


If there is a virus in the air


(And I'm not even sure it's there)


I am tired of hearing: "Oh my, beware!"


And the wringing of hands in forlorn despair.


Go out the door-breathe the air


So what, if a virus is there.


Take the chance-say, "I don't care"


Why-the sun is out, the day is fair.


Ah, fresh air, it feels so good


Just the way I knew it would.


If there IS a virus, it can get out of my way


Don't plan to let a virus ruin a perfect day!