Call lights, Communication and technology, Nurse communication, Patient communication, Patient perspectives



  1. Montie, Mary PhD
  2. Shuman, Clayton MSN, RN
  3. Galinato, Jose BSN, MS, RN
  4. Patak, Lance MD, MBA
  5. Titler, Marita PhD, RN, FAAN


Call light technology is important because it serves as a direct link for patients to get their healthcare needs fulfilled by their healthcare providers. As primary users of call light technology, patient perspectives are important and warranted. Despite this fact, there is a lack of published literature regarding patient perspectives and call light technology. The present study examined a technologically advanced call light system (Eloquence) by incorporating 30 patient participants' perspectives regarding its usefulness, effectiveness, and appropriateness gathered from individual interviews. Using qualitative descriptive research methods, five major themes and multiple minor themes emerged from the data.