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Home Phototherapy, Nursing, Psoriasis



  1. Matthews, Sarah W.
  2. Simmer, Michelle (Misha)
  3. Williams, Lisa
  4. Fishman, Paul
  5. Shors, Andrew R.


Background: Home phototherapy is a safe and effective treatment for psoriasis but is not commonly utilized as a treatment option in the United States. Recently, there has been renewed interest in home phototherapy. This pilot study describes the nursing support needed to facilitate effective transition of ongoing office-based phototherapy patients to home phototherapy.


Methods: Ten patients with a diagnosis of psoriasis receiving office-based phototherapy were identified as candidates for home phototherapy. They received group education on self-administration by specialized phototherapy nurses. Some patients required additional one-on-one training. Units were installed, and home phototherapy was initiated. Subsequent nursing care consisted of telephone support with the study nurse on a weekly basis for 4-8 weeks with follow-up telephone calls on an as-needed basis.


Results: Eleven patients initially participated in the 8-month trial. Ten were successfully transitioned to home treatments. One patient discontinued the study. The 10 patients were independently self-administering home phototherapy with minimal nursing support by Week 8 of the study.


Conclusion: Transition of patients with psoriasis receiving office-based phototherapy to home phototherapy can be done successfully while maintaining control of psoriasis. Considerable nursing resources are required for initial patient education, but they decrease significantly with time.