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Loretta Bellman's Nurse-Led Change and Development in Clinical Practice explores nurse leaders' use of action research to place themselves at the helm of change within their facilities. Bellman defines action research as "reflecting in and on practice, identifying patient-focused issues, devising an action plan, implementing the action plan, and evaluating its effectiveness." She cites action research as a sound approach to undertaking nurse-led change and development.


Chapters 1 through 3 examine drivers behind change and action research, review the literature, and integrate theory with practice, while chapters 4 through 6 outline the first study, performed in a surgical directorate of a 400-bed hospital in England.


Chapters 7 through 9 outline the second study, performed at a day surgery unit, with the aim of investigating and addressing day surgery patient-specific issues. Chapter 10 compares the two studies, extracting a framework for nurse-led change and development. The final chapter of the book offers tips for critical action research by nurse leaders in clinical settings.


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