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Marilyn Bowcutt, RN, MSN, became president-elect of the American Organization of Nurse Executives' on January 1, 2004. She'll assume the presidency on January 1, 2005.


In other AONE news, the organization named five new board members. Elaine Cohen, RN, EdD, FAAN, Denver, Colo., was named Region 8 board member. Patricia Conway-Morana, RN,C, MAd, CNAA, CHE, Columbus, Ga., was named Region 4 board member. Donna M. Herrin, RN, MSN, CNAA, CHE, Memphis, Tenn., was named finance committee chair. Linda Knodel, RN, MHA, CAN,BC, Bismarck, N.D., was named Region 6 board member. Denise Lucas, RN, MSN, CNAA, DuBois, Pa., was named Region 2 board member.



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Ann Shirrell Rand assumed the position of director of nursing services at St. Mary's Hospital for Children, Bayside, N.Y.



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Rosanne Raso, RN, MS, CNAA, became president-elect of the New York Organization of Nurse Executives.


The New York University Division of Nursing honored Roy Simpson, RN,C, CCMA, FNAP, FAAN, with the Maes-MacInnes Award.



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