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  1. Maurer, Marsha MS, RN
  2. Canacari, Elena BSN, RN, CNOR
  3. Eng, Kimberly BSE
  4. Foley, Jane MHA, RN
  5. Phelan, Cynthia MS, RN
  6. Sulmonte, Kimberlyann MHA, RN, CPHQ
  7. Wandel, Jane MS, RN


A daily management system (DMS) can be used to implement continuous quality improvement and advance employee engagement. It can empower staff to identify problems in the care environment that impact quality or workflow and to address them on a daily basis. Through DMS, improvement becomes the work of everyone, every day. The authors of this 2-part series describe their work to develop a DMS. Part 1 describes the background and organizing framework of the program.