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  1. Faloon, Daniela N. DNP, FNP-C
  2. Hampe, Holly DSc, MHA, MRM, RN
  3. Cline, Thomas PhD, MBA


Miscommunication is a large contributing factor to hospital sentinel events. Communication with nurses is a component of the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey. The HCAHPS survey not only assesses patient satisfaction but also impacts how hospitals are reimbursed. A literature review reveals that nursing bedside shift positively impacts patient satisfaction and nurse communication. There is limited research on how to implement bedside report as well as what to include during report. A pilot study evaluated an educational intervention and its impact on nurses' compliance with bedside report. The study also evaluated whether bedside report compliance affected HCAHPS scores. A test of independent proportions showed that overall compliance scores increased significantly from period 1 (46%) to period 3 (81%), z = 2.23, P = -.017, one-tailed. HCAHPS scores for nursing communication went from 69.9% in quarter 1 of 2015 to 73.8% in quarter 4 of 2016, but there was no statistically significant change.