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  1. Mousavi Malek, Nesa
  2. Zakerimoghadam, Masoumeh
  3. Esmaeili, Maryam
  4. Kazemnejad, Anoushiravan


The aim of this study to examine the effects of supportive-educational nurse-led intervention on the patients' anxiety and sleep before the coronary artery bypass grafting.


The current clinical trial recruited 160 patients (N = 160) waiting for the coronary artery bypass grafting by random block sampling and divided them into two 80-people experimental and control groups. Spielberger's State Anxiety Inventory was completed on the first day. The Groningen's Sleep Quality Index was also completed by the patients on the day of surgery. Data were analyzed in SPSS software version 16, using descriptive and inferential statistics tests.


The mean anxiety score in the experimental group decreased to 48.39, whereas in the control group, the mean anxiety score saw a rise after the intervention (61.09). The comparison of the mean quality of sleep the night before the surgery for both groups showed that sleep in the control group compared with sleep in the experimental group had a lower quality, and statistically, it was significant (P < .001).


Results showed that nonpharmacological and supportive interventions can reduce patients' anxiety and sleep disturbance before the coronary artery bypass grafting. According to the results, nonpharmacological therapies should be placed at the top of nurses' tasks.