Addiction, Adolescent, Healthy Internet Use Program, Internet, School-Based Program, Student



  1. Uysal, Gulzade PhD
  2. Balci, Serap PhD


Abstract: This study aimed to evaluate a school-based program for Internet addiction, the Healthy Internet Use Program, with adolescents in Turkey. Forty-one students were included in the intervention group, and the control group was composed of 43 students. All students were from two primary schools. Students in the intervention group participated in the Healthy Internet Use Program, which was developed in accordance with the literature. The intervention group was given eight training sessions over a 3-month period, and their parents were given two training and consultancy sessions. Data were collected using a data collection form and the Internet Addiction Scale. The third evaluation of the Internet Addiction Scale scores showed a significant difference between the intervention group and the control group (p < .05). The fourth evaluation of the Internet Addiction Scale points showed a highly significant difference between the two groups (p < .001). The findings suggest that use of the Healthy Internet Use Program decreases the rate of Internet addiction among adolescents.