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  1. Evans, Kimeran W. PT, DPT
  2. Mancinelli, Corrie PT, PhD, CEEAA, GCS


Investigated: The effects of prolonged ridged perimeter insole use on gait parameters in older adults.


Methods: Twenty-two older adults were tested at baseline and after 6 weeks of insole wear using an instrumented walkway to determine the effects of insole wear on double limb support and gait velocity.


Conclusions: Ridged perimeter insoles have a positive effect on gait characteristics when ambulating on level surface terrain. A statistically significant difference in double limb support time (P = .0297) was found. Gait velocity was not found to be statistically significant (P = .0947) but did demonstrate a mean increase of 0.06 m/s from baseline to 6 weeks.