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Alliance of Wound Care Stakeholders

In collaboration with the Coalition of Wound Care Manufacturers, the Alliance of Wound Care Stakeholders convened a full-day educational session on April 12 on chronic wound care for more than 50 staff members of both the Pricing, Data Analysis and Coding and Durable Medical Equipment Medicare Administrative Contractors. The session addressed topics such as the phases of wound healing, wound and skin assessment, diagnosis and treatment of ulcers, and clinical considerations when selecting dressings and procedures. A combination of evidence-based practice, real-life experiences from clinicians, and scientific information were used to "show and tell" the attendees about wound care. Attendees were provided with samples of more than 15 product categories of surgical dressings and devices such as negative pressure wound therapy devices. The Alliance is optimistic that the educational deep dive into wound care will aid these attendees in their respective positions delineating medical codes, performing medical reviews, developing coverage policies, and ultimately drive more clinically accurate coverage policies.


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