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Do you remember how you learned about the benefits of Infusion Nursing Society membership? Many of our members joined INS because they learned about us through a coworker or friend who was already a member. Some tagged along to a local chapter meeting and met other infusion professionals like themselves whose membership in INS helped them to grow professionally. We recognize that our members are the best resource for spreading the word about all of the professional opportunities and resources that INS offers. That's why we are calling on the membership to help increase our rolls. Beginning in May, we kicked off the "Raise the Bar" campaign, a year-long effort aimed at strengthening the collective voice of infusion professionals by encouraging current INS members to actively recruit new members.


If you are a member of INS, you already know about the Society's educational programs, publications, and products. You already know that your membership provides you with the latest information on current infusion practices, technology, standards, and research. And thanks to the efforts of our loyal members, our commitment to infusion excellence has increased awareness of the specialty. Last year's Allegiance for Associations survey showed us that the overwhelming majority of INS members maintained their membership because they believe that INS provides them with information and services they cannot get elsewhere.


The "Raise the Bar" campaign is divided into four recruitment levels, and offers different prizes according to the number of new members who sign up. The top prize for INS members who recruit 15 or more new members is a complimentary registration to an INS Annual Meeting. In addition, those top recruiters will be entered into a drawing for two round-trip airline tickets to anywhere in the continental United States. Other prizes include free registration to an INS National Academy and One-Day Educational program, a free INS attache bag, and coupons toward the purchase of INS products or meeting registrations.


Increasing our membership means that we are better able to produce the resources that infusion professionals need and deserve. Calling on the voices, skills, and experiences of our members will assist INS in its commitment to supporting access to the highest quality, most cost-effective care for every patient who requires infusion therapy.


Take a few minutes to think about who you know that might benefit from joining INS. Perhaps there is someone you work with who wants to increase his or her infusion skills. Maybe you know someone who has expressed an interest in earning the CRNI credential. When you consider all that you have gained through your INS membership, we think you'll agree that it's one of the smartest professional decisions you can make.


You'll find the details of this campaign on the "Raise the Bar" flyer in this issue, plus a membership application that you can give to those who are interested in joining INS-and remember to list yourself as the sponsor at the top so we can thank you for your efforts. Show your infusion colleagues that you are proud of your specialty. Help us continue to spread the commitment to infusion excellence.



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