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  1. Bosma, T. Laine RN, BSN
  2. Jewesson, Peter J. PhD, FCSHP


Infusion resource teams are comprised of nurses specially trained and experienced in infusion therapy. Our multidisciplinary team provides clinical, educational, and research support to a 1000-bed Canadian tertiary hospital. To characterize the infusion resource nurse service, 789 recorded consults for 250 patients during a 12-month period study were reviewed. Noncritical medicine and surgical wards accounted for a similar number of consults, with the highest volume (31% of total consults) being generated by the general and vascular surgery wards. Vein status was visible and either "fair" or "good" in approximately half of all consults, but 39% of consults were visible and "poor." Most consults (81% of total) resulted in the initiation of peripheral intravenous catheters into an area of nonflexion in an upper extremity and successful peripheral catheter initiations were accomplished in 96% of all cases. Our multidisciplinary infusion program approach to vascular access support appears to be a well-utilized and an effective resource for this hospital.