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  1. Sheppard, Kathy RN, CCRN
  2. LeDesma, Mahalia (Mayette) RN, BSN
  3. Morris, Nanette Lynne RN, BS
  4. O'Connor, Kathleen RN, BS, CIC


Abstract: A prospective, controlled study was undertaken in a skilled nursing facility to determine whether a sterile catheter securement device (StatLock IV, Venetec International, Mission Viejo, CA) wouldprovide better intravenous therapy outcomes thana standard securement technique. The StatLockdevice resulted in significantly longer average catheter dwell times (3.95 days versus 2.45 days) and significantly fewer total complications (65 versus 155). In addition, the securement device reduced the total time spent managing a vascular access device by 13.5 minutes per patient. Thus, the StatLock IV device improved overall clinical outcomes of IV therapy and the quality of care.