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Sharps Compliance, Inc. Trip LesSystem

The Sharps Compliance, Inc., Sharps Disposal by Mail product line recently was expanded to include the Trip LesSystem for pump return. The system ensures that homecare patients' medical waste is disposed of safely and that associated infusion pumps are returned safely and promptly after treatment. The homecare provider orders the system, completes the tracking manifest, and delivers the system to the patient or caregiver. After the patient completes therapy, the patient or caregiver properly disposes of all medical waste using the Sharps Disposal by Mail System. Using the Trip LesSystem for pump return, the patient or caregiver returns the pump to the homecare company by placing it in a disposable, prepaid postage shipping box furnished by the homecare company. The equipment is returned to the homecare company within 2 days via Federal Express. For more information, call Sharps Compliance, Inc., at (800) 772-5657.


Centurion Needleless Extensions

Centurion Needleless Extensions are available to fit a variety of intravenous therapies. Preslit injection ports accept needleless blunt cannulae from most needleless systems. Kink-resistant tubing and lipid-resistant fittings are standard features on all sets. Custom configurations are available at no additional cost. For more information, call Tristate Hospital Supply Corporation at (800) 248-4058 or visit



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Johnson & Johnson Bioclusive Select Transparent Film Dressing

Johnson & Johnson Medical, Inc., introduces a new size of Bioclusive Select Transparent Film Dressing, a product with a viral and bacterial barrier to protect areas from external bacteria and viruses which can lead to secondary infection. The new 2 3/8- x 2 3/4-inch Bioclusive Select dressing provides a frame delivery system that offers one-hand application, aseptic delivery, and a visible window to aid dressing placement. The dressing is indicated for use in the care of IV sites, central venous catheter line sites, hyperalimentation sites, skin graft donor sites, superficial ulcers, second degree burns, and various chronic wound care sites. For quick and easy removal of the frame, the dressing features a visible notch and an improved, three-part release and removal system. Bioclusive Select Dressing also is available in five other sizes. For more information, contact the Johnson & Johnson Medical Customer Service Line at (800) 553-5310. FIGURE

Johnson  Johnson Bio... - Click to enlarge in new windowJohnson & Johnson Bioclusive Select Transparent Film Dressing