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ECRI Healthcare Standards Directory

ECRI announces that the 1999 Healthcare Standards Directory, a comprehensive source of healthcare standards, is available. The Directory is a resource for locating specific technical standards, clinical practice guidelines, position statements, technology assessments, and federal and state laws and regulations. The ECRI Healthcare Standards Directory is designed to help healthcare professionals stay abreast of standards developments. Purchasers of the bound edition of the 1999 Directory receive an unlimited number of free searches of the Healthcare Standards database, which is updated daily as new standards become available. A quarterly newsletter also is included to keep purchasers informed of new or revised standards throughout the year. For more information or to order, contact ECRI at (610) 825-6000, ext. 373.


VanishPoint Blood Collection Tube Holder

Retractable Technologies introduces the VanishPoint Blood Collection Tube Holder, winner of Risk and Insurance Magazine's 1997 Top of the Line Award for best new risk management products. The VanishPoint Automated Retraction Devices product line offers automated retraction as a new method of instantly removing the needle directly from the patient. This technology decreases healthcare worker exposure to contaminated needles and offers procedural efficiency and reduced disposal costs. The Blood Collection Tube Holder is a single-use device that uses a standard blood collection needle. Capable of multi-tube blood drawing, the closure of the end cap causes the needle to retract automatically from the patient into the tube holder. For more information about VanishPoint devices, call Retractable Technologies at (888) 703-1010 or visit


Baxa MicroFuse Syringe Infuser

Baxa Corporation announces the release of the new MicroFuse Dual Rate Syringe Infuser. The product features two standard IV infusion rates-normal and low-and accommodates syringes from 5 to 140 mL. Typical application therapies include antibiotics, antiemetics, steroids, aminoglycerides, diuretics, H2 antagonists, and some cardiac drugs. The MicroFuse Syringe Infuser is designed to be a compact, lightweight, durable, and cost-effective intermittent drug delivery device. For more information contact Marian Robinson, Vice President of Marketing, at Baxa Corporation, (800) 567-2292. FIGURE

Baxa MicroFuse Syrin... - Click to enlarge in new windowBaxa MicroFuse Syringe Infuser