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  1. Karada[latin small letter g with caron], Ayise RN, MS, PhD
  2. Gorgulu, Selma RN, MS, PhD


Although intravenous fluid therapy may be lifesaving if it is given properly, faulty application and inadequate care with this modality of treatment may lead to various complications. Many of these complications can be prevented by conducting the procedure in accordance with a standard protocol and with adequate care and monitoring.


The aim of this study was to develop a protocol for intravenous fluid therapy and to determine whether the nurses observed the protocol. The study was done with 37 nurses working in a coronary care unit. The data were collected on a "Nurse Observation Form," and statistical evaluation, percentage, and the Cochran Q significance test were used. By the third observation, a higher percentage of nurses performed the procedures correctly, which indicated that implementation of the protocol had a positive effect.