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This report highlights the Intravenous Nurses Society's membership, education, marketing, and other successes of 1999. It is intended to help Society members and friends reflect on and evaluate the year's achievements. With the support and partnership of members, Local Chapters, other organizations, and colleagues from every healthcare setting, INS made great strides in every aspect of its mission, including educational programs, professional development opportunities, published resources, and outreach. This report illustrates the continued growth and development of the Society as we prepared ourselves to enter the new century.


1999 INS President Beth Fabian's theme, "Challenge the Future," called upon all INS members and leaders to take the initiative in the coming century. Her theme guided INS efforts throughout the year, from the 1999 Leadership Institute in Charlotte to the yearly membership recruitment campaign to Beth's regular commentary in the INS newsletter. INS members rose to the challenge, as they attended educational programs in record numbers, contributed their expertise to innovative new publications, and represented INS in their diverse geographical and practice settings. Although healthcare is changing rapidly, INS members are ready to "Challenge the Future."


1999 was a year of high achievement and expansion. INS spread its message with vigor using innovative media, such as the expanded INS Website and the production of three videos on infusion therapy. New printed resources brought a fresh perspective, and key publications underwent thorough revisions and updates. INS' participation in national and international healthcare events, advisory panels, and consensus development conferences helped foster increased awareness of the Society's activities in the larger healthcare sphere.


Educational programs continued to be of great value to infusion professionals, drawing still higher numbers of attendees. INS National Meetings and special one-day programs sponsored by industry partners provide excellent professional development, continuing education, and networking opportunities for infusion nurses and other healthcare professionals from across the country and around the world.


Members are the heart of INS, and in 1999 INS continued to emphasize membership recruitment, retention, and increased participation. More members volunteered their time to INS committees, and new committees were created to reflect the evolving needs of the infusion specialty. In response to the changes in the healthcare world and the need for INS to grow with the times, INS leaders revised the INS Mission Statement and Values and developed a new Strategic Plan for the Society. With this guide in place, INS met the new millennium with confidence in its direction. INS members, leaders, partners, and colleagues are ready to challenge the future with their expertise, dedication, and spirit. On the strength of their participation, INS looks forward to another century of excellence.


Educational Achievements

Each year, hundreds of infusion nurses and other healthcare professionals from all over the United States and around the world look forward to INS National Meetings. Education is a top priority for INS, and its members rate the reduced registration fees they receive for all National Meetings as one of the most valuable membership benefits. In 1999, INS developed and presented four separate meetings. These educational offerings resulted directly from member requests for additional opportunities to earn contact hours and recertification units and to expand their knowledge of the infusion specialty.


The following meetings were held in 1999:


1999 Annual Meeting and Industrial Exhibition "Leading the Way"

The Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, NC, played host to the 26th INS Annual Meeting and Industrial Exhibition, May 1-6, 1999. More than 1,400 INS members, faculty, and industry representatives participated in the meeting, which featured over 60 different educational programs, six industrial show-cases, a 3-day Industrial Exhibition, and evening social events.


The theme of INS President Crystal Miller, "Leading the Way," set the tone for the meeting. Crystal selected the theme to encourage all INS members to make personal and professional investments in the specialty of infusion therapy. Crystal asked each INS member, National Office staff person, and corporate partner to lead the way to increased membership benefits, improved professional development opportunities, and ultimately to even better care for our infusion therapy patients. Her theme culminated in the 1999 Annual Meeting, the perfect vehicle for demonstrating the results of this investment.


INS took time during the week to honor those members who made substantial contributions to the Society. Lynn Phillips was recognized as 1999 INS Member of the Year, while Linda Bednarczyk received the Chapter President's Award. Charlotte Buckenmyer was presented the Outstanding Abstract Presentation Award, and Michael Catney was honored for his Outstanding Poster Presentation.


Advanced Concepts in the Management of Central Venous Access Devices in the Alternate Care Setting

INS and Abbott Laboratories collaborated on a one-day educational program, "Advanced Concepts in the Management of Central Venous Access Devices in the Alternate Care Setting," which was presented in conjunction with the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists' 6th Annual Home, Hospice, and Long-Term Care Meeting on July 31 in Chicago, IL. More than 200 registrants participated in the meeting, which included educational sessions on central venous access device occlusions, interventional radiology, and infection control practices. INS' involvement with the ASHP conference is an example of the continuing, mutually beneficial collaboration between nursing and pharmacy that is so vital to the success of today's alternate site infusion settings.


Intravenous Immunoglobulin: Clinical Indications and Use of IVIG

On Friday, November 5, INS presented "Intravenous Immunoglobulin: Clinical Indications and Use of IVIG" in conjunction with the 1999 Fall National Academy of Intravenous Therapy in Boston, MA. This special one-day educational program was supported by a Continuing Medical Education Grant from Bayer Corporation and drew more than 360 participants, making it the most well-attended one-day program in INS history. This program was yet another example of INS' commitment to providing additional educational resources to our membership, offering a unique opportunity to attend two distinct INS educational programs at one location in one weekend.


1999 Fall National Academy of Intravenous Therapy "Walk with Tradition"

Boston, MA, INS' home city, played host to the 1999 Fall National Academy of Intravenous Therapy, where a record number of attendees (665) and exhibitors (27) learned from and networked with leaders in the infusion specialty. Educational session topics included "Virulence of Antibiotic Resistance," "Current Application of Non-Vascular Access Devices," and "Compassionate Use of Controversial Therapies." The expert faculty received high marks and praise from the participants. The final meeting of 1999 gave INS members yet another opportunity to earn continuing education credit and recertification units, as well as to enjoy the rich traditions of "America's Walking City."


Publications Achievements

Core Curriculum for Intravenous Nursing

The second edition of the Core Curriculum for Intravenous Nursing was completed in 1999. Based on the revised Intravenous Nursing Standards of Practice, the Core Curriculum reviews the nine core areas of infusion therapy practice and is intended to help nurses prepare for the CRNI Certification Examination. Its expanded outline format allows quick, easy access to key information on practice techniques, clinical information, and procedures. In the Core Curriculum, INS brings up-to-date practice recommendations and the expertise of noted contributors together into a powerful resource, which not only helps examination candidates prepare but is an essential reference for infusion educators and practicing nurses. The revised Core Curriculum came out in the fall of 1999, and 1,200 copies were sold in the first month.


Journal of Intravenous Nursing

The Journal continues to exhibit the clinical expertise of its noted contributors in high-quality articles. The wide range of topics covered in 1999, in articles written by nurses, pharmacists, physicians, and researchers from all practice settings, shows the extent of infusion therapy's importance in modern healthcare practice. Two successful Special Focus Issues, on professional development and homecare, gave concentrated insight on subjects of high interest to the Journal's readers. Three more Special Focus Issues will appear in 2000. The Editorial Review Board remains strong, as reviewers contribute their expert commentary to help authors revise and improve their manuscripts.


The Journal supplement issue, "Advanced Concepts in the Management of Central Venous Access Devices in the Alternate Care Setting," added another dimension to the 1999 editorial calendar. The supplement was a print version of the one-day continuing education program of the same name, held in Chicago, IL, in July. The issue was sponsored by a Continuing Medical Education Grant from Abbott Laboratories. All INS members and Journal subscribers received a complimentary copy of this special issue. The issue also launched the new continuing education testing program, expanding the opportunities for readers to earn contact hours and recertification units through home study.


INS Newsline

The INS newsletter has been a source of timely information that helps INS members maintain their connections to INS and colleagues in the specialty. Newsline continued this pattern in 1999, featuring regular columns on medication safety, resources available to infusion nurses on the Internet, clinical news from the INS Alternate Site Practice Committee, advice for nurse entrepreneurs, and the INS President's perspective on issues of concern to the specialty. News stories addressed important INS developments, including the growth of the Gardner Foundation, the success of its scholarship and grant recipients, and the expansion of INCC's recertification options.


INS Website

The INS Website continued to expand members' access to up-to-date information. New online ordering and registration forms allowed members to purchase resources or sign up for educational programs with the click of a mouse, giving a new dimension to sales and meeting participation. Online content featuring the latest Society news, current publications, upcoming events, and credentialing information was updated regularly. In 1999, thousands of healthcare professionals worldwide visited the INS Website or referenced the online version of the revised Standards of Practice.


Committee Reports

National Council on Education

The National Council on Education (NCOE) develops abstracts, objectives, and outlines for the National Academy of Intravenous Therapy and INS Annual Meeting. The Council solicits faculty participation from infusion nurse specialists and other healthcare professionals from across the country based on a wide-ranging network of contacts in the healthcare arena. NCOE also assists with the administration of National Academy and Annual Meeting events by introducing speakers, monitoring educational sessions, and providing support to the INS National Office staff at program sites.


The NCOE visited Boston in June 1999 for its annual educational planning session. During this meeting and subsequent activities, the committee confirmed all topics, abstracts, objectives, and speakers for the 1999 Fall National Academy of Intravenous Therapy in Boston, MA, and the 2000 Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN. The group also selected topics and developed abstracts, outlines, and objectives for the 2000 Fall National Academy in Orlando, FL, the 2001 Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, IN, and the 2001 National Academy in Dallas, TX.


Entrepreneur Committee

The Entrepreneur Committee contributed a regular column to Newsline in 1999, providing information on business management and resources for the self-employed infusion nurse.


Clinical Practice Committee

The Clinical Practice Committee completed the final draft and editing of the first-ever Policies and Procedures for Infusion Nursing manual. This unique reference is intended to be used by healthcare professionals and organizations as a guide in developing institutional policies and procedures for infusion therapy. The finished manual went to print in early 2000.


Standards of Practice Committee

The Standards of Practice Committee worked in conjunction with the Research and Education Departments at the INS National Office to reformat and edit the newest revision of the Intravenous Nursing Standards of Practice. The document was sent for review to representatives from nursing, pharmacy, industry, and the medicolegal field as well as to infusion nurse specialists. The review process is to be completed in the first quarter of 2000, and publication is expected in November/December 2000.


Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee ensures that qualified candidates are chosen to serve as INS leaders. This year, the committee participated in the recruitment of potential candidates, assisted with interviews, and evaluated candidate profiles. Three positions needed to be filled: President-Elect for the 2000-2001 term, and Secretary/Treasurer and Member-at-Large for the 2000-2002 term. At the October INS Board of Directors meeting, the Nominations Committee presented its recommendations to the Board for approval.


Organizational Affiliations

INS maintained active relationships with its many healthcare partners in 1999. Partnerships with other healthcare organizations, participation in national and international conferences, and collaboration on important healthcare initiatives gave INS a voice in the larger healthcare sphere. Through these exchanges, INS finds a larger audience for its mission, and develops new membership, marketing, and educational opportunities that benefit its members.


American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

INS and ASHP continued the mutually beneficial partnership that was made official in 1998. The longstanding cooperative relationship between the two professional organizations has resulted in greater communication and collaboration on educational programs that benefit members of both groups. INS has had regular involvement in ASHP's Annual Home, Hospice, and Long-Term Care Meeting, which offers multidisciplinary continuing education opportunities appropriate for infusion nurses. "Advanced Concepts in the Management of Central Venous Access Devices in the Alternate Care Setting," a one-day INS educational program held in July 1999, preceded the ASHP Home, Hospice, and Long-Term Care '99 Meeting, and marked the fourth INS event produced in conjunction with an ASHP meeting.


Needlestick Injury Prevention Advisory Group

INS staff has participated in the Needlestick Injury Prevention Advisory Group on a monthly basis since June 1999, joining the Massachusetts Nurses Association and Massachusetts Department of Public Health along with medical, dental, nursing, faculty, and industry representatives to discuss ways to make healthcare delivery safer for both patient and caregiver.


National Student Nurses' Association

Partnership Program

INS has joined with the National Student Nurses' Association to promote INS membership to student nurses through their Partnership Program. This program offers NSNA members the opportunity to join a specialty organization at a reduced rate, helping to raise awareness of specialty practice among tomorrow's nurses. In November, INS participated in the 1999 NSNA Mid-Year Convention in Charlotte, NC. The conference drew 1,200 nursing students from around the country, 600 of whom attended a Skills Fair, where INS members Lynda Cook and Carleane Coltrane presented the very popular IV Skills Booth. The 1999 NSNA House of Delegates passed a resolution calling for nursing schools to mandate infusion therapy education in the curriculum. At its Annual Convention in Salt Lake City, UT, NSNA also recognized INS for partial sponsorship of two NSNA membership recruitment videos: The Sky's the Limit and Nursing: The Ultimate Adventure.


The American Nurses Association

Organizational Affiliate

In 1999, INS continued its organizational affiliation with the American Nurses Association (ANA). This relationship allowed INS to interact with nursing leaders outside the specialty and access the ANA's vast resources. In an effort to improve communication among specialties and across the entire healthcare spectrum, ANA adopted a resolution to explore a means for specialty nursing organizations to be recognized as full members of the ANA delegate assembly. This recognition would permit organizations such as INS to speak and vote on issues pertaining to the larger nursing sphere as well as those that specifically affect the infusion nursing specialty, providing yet another vehicle for collaboration between infusion nurses and healthcare colleagues in other specialties.


National Federation of Specialty Nursing Organizations and Nursing Organization Liaison Forum

Joint Meeting

INS continued its involvement with the National Federation of Specialty Nursing Organizations (NFSNO) and Nursing Organization Liaison Forum (NOLF) in 1999 by participating in a joint meeting of the two organizations. The meeting brought together representatives from national nursing organizations and specialty nursing organizations in a discussion about mutual concerns, professional and national health policies, and opportunities for collaboration and partnership. INS President-Elect Brenda Dugger was named secretary of NFSNO.


The Gardner Foundation

1999 contributions to the Gardner Foundation represented strong continuing support from industry partners. The Gardner Foundation is indebted to Johnson & Johnson Medical, Inc., for its $10,000 corporate donation and for its commitment to encouraging IV research and education through its support of the Gardner Foundation's goals. The Foundation continues to increase the number of awards given, this year adding a fifth award, the Leslie Baranowski Scholarship for Professional Excellence, in honor of the late INS Past President. This award was funded by a $5,000 gift from BD. The Gardner Foundation's awards program extended grants and scholarships to five infusion nurses who demonstrated outstanding dedication to the specialty in 1999.


1999 Gardner Foundation Awards and Scholarships were presented to:


Johnson & Johnson Medical Research Grant: Roxanne Perucca, MSN, CRNI


Gardner Foundation IV Research Grant: Jeanette Adams, PhD, CRNI, SC


Leslie Baranowski Scholarship for Professional Excellence: Sue Thomson, CRNI


INS Meeting Scholarship: Beth Myers, RN


Gardner Foundation Education Scholarship: Tamberly Briar, RN, MSN, ARNP


Intravenous Nurses Certification Corporation


In 1999, the Intravenous Nurses Certification Corporation (INCC) offered the Certified Registered Nurse Intravenous (CRNI) credential for those who passed the specialty certification examination.


The CRNI examination consisted of 200 multiple-choice questions administered in a single 4-hour testing session. Nine clinical areas of IV therapy practice were covered: technology and clinical application, fluid and electrolyte therapy, pharmacology, infection control, pediatrics, transfusion therapy, antineoplastic therapy, parenteral nutrition, and quality assurance.


In May 1999, the CRNI examination was held during the National Academy portion of the INS Annual Meeting in Charlotte, NC, and at 13 other regional locations. In September 1999, the CRNI examination was administered at 26 locations nationwide.


1999 Summary of Participation

In 1999, 428 nurses took the certification examinations, with 61% passing; 28 CRNIs chose to recertify by taking the examination. The percentage of nurses who passed the examination is consistent with the previous 3 years. This year, 72% of CRNIs renewed their credential, which also is on par with previous years. At the end of 1999, there were 3,440 CRNIs.


Recertification/Continuing Education

Recertification options were expanded to include publication of an article in the Journal of Intravenous Nursing, completion of continuing education tests found in selected issues of the Journal, or speaking at an INS National Meeting.


CRNI of the Year

The 1999 CRNI of the Year Award was presented to Lynn Czaplewski, BSN, CRNI, OCN, of Wisconsin, for her outstanding contributions to infusion therapy and certification on a national scale. The award was presented during the INCC Reception, hosted by Bard Access Systems, in conjunction with the 1999 INS Annual Meeting and Industrial Exhibition.


Item Writers Workshop

Each year INCC offers nurses the unique opportunity to increase their infusion therapy knowledge by participating in the Item Writers Workshop. An RN Examination Council member and an Applied Measurement Professionals test development expert assisted with the 2-day intensive workshop. The purpose of this workshop is to develop new items for the examination question pool that reflect the professional responsibilities of the infusion nurse. Workshop participants develop and write potential test questions for future examinations. In 1999, 15 CRNIs participated in the Item Writers Workshop, held November 3-4, prior to the Fall National Academy in Boston, MA.


CRNI Exam Preparation Guide

Formerly called the CRNI Study Guide, this booklet was revised and enhanced to better prepare potential examination candidates. Thirty practice questions were added, to make a total of 100 questions with answers and rationales. Each question was categorized by content area. Expanded suggestions for studying and descriptions of study aids made the guide a more comprehensive preparation tool; reformatting made it easier to use.


1999 INS Board of Directors


Beth Fabian, BA, CRNI; Vice President of Clinical Services; IVonyx, Inc.; Livonia, MI



Brenda Dugger, MS, CRNI, CNA; Nursing Director; Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta; Atlanta, GA



Crystal Miller, BSN, MA, CRNI; Intravenous Therapy Nurse; St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center; Hartford, CT



Fe San Angel, BSN, CRNI, OCN; Clinical Nurse, IV Therapy; Cedars Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center; Los Angeles, CA



Libby Wilhite-Luterman, BS, CRNI, CNA; Clinical Manager; Baylor University Medical Center; Dallas, TX



Charles Edmiston, Jr., PhD, CIC; Associate Professor of Surgery/Hospital Epidemiologist; Medical College of Wisconsin; Milwaukee, WI


INS Committees

Clinical Practice


Maria Cora Vizcarra, MBA, CRNI (Chair)


Kathy Campbell, CRNI, BSN


Lorie Myers, CRNI




Jeanette Adams, PhD, CRNI, CS (Chair)


Rebecca Berry, RN, MS


Kay Coulter, CRNI


Lynn Czaplewski, BSN, CRNI, OCN


Virginia Murphy, BSN, CRNI


National Council on Education


Jennie Capel, CRNI, OCN, CNSN (Chair)


Lynda Cook, BSN, CRNI


Julie Eddins, MSN, CRNI


Gail Koloc, CRNI


Martha Hann, CRNI


Ellen Leighton, BSN, CRNI


Roxanne Perucca, MSN, CRNI


Lynn Phillips, MSN, CRNI


Standards of Practice Committee


Nancy Bagnall, CRNI (Chair)


Mary Ann Daehler, MS, CRNI, OCN


Debbie Lindgren-Clendenen, MN, CRNI


Laurie Rasberry, OCN, CRNI


Richard Sheehy, MSN, CRNI


Kathleen Walther, BSN, CRNI


Anthony Williams, BSN, MA, CRNI


Alternate Site Practice Committee

Ambulatory Infusion Centers


Karen Heinzman, CRNI, OCN (Chair)


Mary Casado, CRNI


Sandy Maney, BSN, CLNC, CRNI


Laurel Rokowski, RN


Long-Term/Subacute Care


Robin Wanous, CRNI (Chair)


Jacalyn Erickson, RN


Rita Lehto, RN, MN


Carol Newberry, RN, BS


Linda Timmons, BA, CRNI


Homecare Practice


Diane Melton, BSN, CRNI (Co-Chair)


Edward Korycka, CRNI (Co-Chair)


Pat Barrios, BS, CRNI


Janine Hietpas, OCN, CRNI


Lorraine Sosnowski, CRNI


Nominations Committee


Corinne Wheeler, MSN, CRNI, CPNP (Chair)


Marilyn Calvert, CRNI


Angelika Lee, CRNI


Cynthia Rutherford-Fishman, MSN, CRNI


Judy Stanek, BA, CRNI


1999 INCC Board of Directors


Sharon Weinstein, MS, CRNI; Director, Office of International Affairs; Premier, Inc.; Westchester, IL



Maxine Perdue, CRNI, BSN, MHA, MBA, CNAA; Director of Clinical Support Services; High Point Regional Health System; High Point, NC


Charles C. Boone; President Emeritus; Spartanburg Regional Medical Center; Spartanburg, SC


Lewis Crane; Consultant; Hersher Associates; Inverness, IL


Paul Creager; Retired Group President; Becton Dickinson Infusion Therapy Systems; New Vernon, NJ


M. Beth Mancini, RN, MSN, CNA; Senior VP, Nursing Administration; Parkland Memorial Hospital; Dallas, TX


George Ritter, MD; Medical Director/VP Medical Affairs; Saratoga Community Hospital; Saratoga, NY


1999 INCC RN Examination Council


Rose Anne Lonsway, BSN, MA, CRNI (Chair)


Carolyn Hedrick, CRNI (Vice-Chair)


Mary Heisey, CRNI (Secretary)


Claudia Anderson, CRNI


Kathryn Carlson, BS, CRNI


Nancy Mortlock, CRNI


Jane A. Weir, BA, BSN, CRNI