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Sylvan Fiberoptics MAXISCAN Fiberoptic Transilluminator

Sylvan Fiberoptics announces a new addition to its line of cold light fiberoptic transilluminators. The MAXISCAN has all the attributes of the PEDIASCAN units-portability with internal rechargeable batteries, reliable design, small size and weight, ease of use-but the MAXISCAN has approximately 40% more bright white light output. This enables the MAXISCAN to be used on larger-sized pediatric patients and adults. It is designed for use by emergency rooms, EMTs, doctors' offices, home healthcare nurses, IV teams, and anywhere IV insertion procedures take place. The MAXISCAN is the only unit available that has brilliant white light output without any dangerous heat buildup at the tip. The specialized light filtering system masks out ultraviolet and infrared emissions. In fact, the tip never gets above 101[degrees] F, so it can be left on the examination point as long as necessary to find a good IV site location. Portability enables the user to take the unit to the bedside or to carry it along on air or land transport. The small size and light weight are ideal for homecare and EMS use, but the MAXISCAN is powerful and rugged enough for daily usage. For more information, contact James G. Fedorka, Sylvan Fiberoptics, PO Box 501, Irwin, PA, 15642. Call (800) 628-3836 or (724) 864-9350, fax to (724) 864-9350, e-mail, or visit the Web site at


EPS Sharps Disposal Containers

In response to customers' requests, EPS, Inc. has broadened its line of IV accessories with the addition of its Sharps Disposal Containers. Manufactured from durable polypropylene, EPS Sharps Containers have been designed for the safe and quick disposal of IV needles, hypodermics, and blood products. They are puncture resistant and autoclavable. The Phlebotomy Containers fit most standard phlebotomy trays and allow for easy disconnection of multisample needles from needle holders as well as quick disposal of lancets, butterfly tubing, and small syringes. The Transportable Containers are stocked in 1, 1.5, and 8-quart sizes and can be easily carried to wherever they are needed. The In-Room System units are constructed with both a special horizontal-drop design and a unique lid, maximizing volume yet restricting access to contents. For more information, please contact EPS, Inc., 1785 Stout Drive, Warwick, PA, 18974-6101; call toll free at (800) 523-8966, fax to (800) 323-8966, e-mail, or visit the Web site at FIGURE 1

Figure 1 - Click to enlarge in new windowFigure 1. EPS Sharps Disposal Containers

EPS Oral Syringes

EPS Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of 8 oral syringes to its growing line of liquid packaging products. Available in 1-, 3-, 6-, and 10-ml capacities, EPS Oral Syringes can accommodate minute doses. They are manufactured from durable polypropylene and permanently heat-etched with easy-to-read graduations so you can readily detect fluid levels. The syringes' special 0.610" tip won't accept hypodermic needles, minimizing the risk of medication administration errors. They are latex-free, contain no iron oxide, and are produced in either clear or ultraviolet inhibitant amber. Quantity pricing on EPS Oral Syringes is available on as few as five cases. For more information, please contact EPS, Inc., 1785 Stout Drive, Warwick, PA, 18974-6101; call toll free at (800) 523-8966, fax to (800) 323-8966, e-mail, or visit the Web site at FIGURE 2

Figure 2 - Click to enlarge in new windowFigure 2. EPS Oral Syringes

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