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BD Medical Systems CD-ROM Infusion Therapy Program

BD Medical Systems has announced the newest addition to the DecisIV family of programs and services. This educational CD-ROM is an interactive, self-directed learning program focused on the eight core steps of the infusion therapy process. Clinicians are taken through a series of actions and considerations necessary to optimize infusion therapy outcomes. The program includes case studies, with critical thinking exercises at the end of each section; customization of case studies to one of four practice settings including hospital, long-term care, ambulatory care, and home health; and a final test of 25 questions randomized from a pool of 200. Four ANCC contact hours are awarded with completion of the test and registration form mailed or faxed to BD Medical Systems. The program adheres to current practice guidelines established by the Intravenous Nurses Society and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This CD-ROM program can be purchased by calling BD Medical Systems at (800) ALL-MEDIA.


Hard Manufacturing EZ-Lift System for Pediatric ICU

Hard Manufacturing's EZ-Lift System for infants and toddlers in critical care is raising the quality of care at the crib side. The EZ-Lift System allows caregivers to place crib side rails in five positions for total patient access, from fully down to fully raised, without using the Johns Hopkins handle. In addition, the easily managed EZ-Lift System significantly reduces the chances of carpal tunnel syndrome in caregivers. The crib side rails are light and quiet due to a special noise-suppressing mechanism developed for the pediatric ICU. EZ-Lift sides are standard on Hard Manufacturing cribs and youth beds, and are under warranty for 5 years. Made of durable, light-weight, white delron plastic, the EZ-Lift mechanism complements Hard Manufacturing's multicolor finishes. For more information, write to Hard Manufacturing at 230 Grider Street, Buffalo, NY, 14215-3797; phone (800) USE-HARD or (800) 873-4273; fax (716) 896-2579; e-mail: [email protected]; Internet: FIGURE

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