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Marianne Smith Edge 2003-2004 American Dietetic Association President

Congratulations to Marianne Smith Edge who began her tenure as the American Dietetic Association's (ADA's) president in June. She is currently president and chief executive office of MSE & Associates, which provides consulting services in the food and healthcare industries. Ms Edge has more than 20 years of experience in nutrition and has served in the ADA's leadership as speaker of the House of Delegates. In 2004, Susan Larramee from Massachusetts will take the helm of the organization.


What You Think About Obesity

Oldways Preservation Trust, the food issues think tank, recently released the results of its Quarterly Survey of food and health opinion leaders, which focused on obesity. The three most important reasons cited by respondents for the surge in obesity were lack of exercise, a high prevalence of junk food, and large portion sizes. These are all factors people can act on by themselves.


(Oldways Preservation Trust Think Tank, April 21, 2003)