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cardiac rehabilitation, coronary artery disease, health knowledge, attitudes, practice, needs assessment, questionnaires, surveys



  1. Ghisi, Gabriela Lima de Melo PhD
  2. Anchique, Claudia Victoria MD
  3. Fernandez, Rosalia MD
  4. Quesada-Chaves, Daniel MD
  5. Gordillo, M. Ximena MD
  6. Acosta, Sheiles MD
  7. Fernandez, Julia LMHP
  8. Arrieta-Loaiciga, Blanca MD
  9. Heredia, Marco MD
  10. Oh, Paul MD, PhD


Background: The identification of information needs is considered the first step to increase knowledge that ultimately could improve health outcomes in cardiac rehabilitation (CR).


Objective: The aim of this study was to psychometrically validate the Spanish Information Needs in Cardiac Rehabilitation (INCR).


Methods: The Spanish INCR was psychometrically tested in 184 patients undergoing CR. The internal consistency was assessed using Cronbach [alpha], factor structure was assessed using exploratory factor analysis, and criterion validity regarding educational level, occupation, and duration in CR was assessed.


Results: Cronbach [alpha] was .97. Factor analysis revealed 10 factors, all internally consistent. Criterion validity was supported by significant differences in total INCR scores by educational level (P < .01), occupation (P < .01), and duration in CR (P < .05). Emergency/safety was the greatest information need perceived by patients.


Conclusions: The Spanish INCR was demonstrated to have good reliability and validity. This tool can be applicable in clinical and research settings, assessing patients' information needs during CR and as part of education programming.