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Decision-Making, Diversity, Doctoral Application Process, Doctoral Education, Strengths-Based Leadership



  1. Taylor, Laura A.
  2. Terhaar, Mary F.


AIM: This article reports preliminary outcomes of the Guiding Initiative for Doctoral EducationSM, which promotes success in doctoral study.


BACKGROUND: Nurses face challenges as they move intentionally, effectively, and expediently toward earning the doctorate. Selecting the doctoral education best suited to individual career goals is essential for success.


METHOD: An intensive, daylong program focused on setting goals, generating personal action plans, and mobilizing resources to promote success in application and return to the role of student.


RESULTS: Based on 70 nurses who participated in seven programs, 22 (31 percent) were admitted to their doctoral program of choice (6 PhD, 15 DNP, 1 EdD).


CONCLUSION: Nurses benefit from and value learning about the options for doctoral study, requirements for educational opportunities, the nature of the commitment required, challenges commonly encountered during the process, and the impact advanced education can be expected to have on immediate and long-term career opportunities.