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  1. Dechairo-Marino, Ann E. PhD, RN, NEA-BC
  2. Collins Raggi, Mara E. MSN, RNC-NIC PHN
  3. Mendelson, Sherri Garber PhD, RNC, CNS, IBCLC
  4. Highfield, Martha E.F. PhD, RN
  5. Hess, Robert G. Jr PhD, RN, FAAN


OBJECTIVE: The study aim was to determine if a targeted redesign of shared decision making improved shared governance (SG).


BACKGROUND: Nursing SG is collaborative decision making between nurses at every level; it improves quality of care, empowers nurses, and enhances nurse satisfaction.


METHODS: Using a quasi-experimental, pretest/posttest design, researchers electronically distributed the Index of Professional Nursing Governance (IPNG) to an inclusive, convenience sample of RNs in a Magnet(R)-designated 377-bed community medical center. Preintervention scores were used to tailor a redesign of shared decision making, and postintervention data were collected within 1 year to measure outcomes.


RESULTS: IPNG overall score and 5 of 6 subscale scores significantly increased after the redesign.


CONCLUSIONS: Changes to an SG structure can take 2 to 5 years to be realized. Our findings corroborate that the IPNG is a valuable tool in promoting setting-specific SG.